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Consulting Services

Cloud ConsultingCloud ConsultingTo be truly benefited with Cloud Computing, there are certain questions that arise,

Which business/s should engage Cloud Computing?
Which business automations are ready to engage Cloud Computing benefits?
Which is the best-fit platform to enable cloud based application?
What will the roadmap look like in the move from on-premise applications to cloud based apps?

You needexperienced consultingservices to successfully move business automation applications to the cloud, and be truly benefited with the move. Not all systems necessarily need to move to cloud, unless there is business need, to do so.

Wepartnerwith you to audit your software inventory in correlation with your business functions to arrive at the most optimum roadmap to craft your cloud migration strategy. We bringdecades of experiencein Business Consulting, Software Development, Project Management, Software Implementation and Post Implementation support. The experience is wide spread across various on-premise software applications implementations to cloud based applications development and successful implementation.

If you are evaluating cloud apps, or are looking at increasing your organizations footprint in Cloud Computing, or overwhelmed with the vendor spiels to go for this or that SaaS platform, you can always benefit from our cloud computing consulting services experiences. Even if you have a cloud strategy in place, there isnt any downside in getting the strategy independently audited. We assure you of unbiasedCloud Strategyrecommendations with which you can be rest assured to be benefitted.

You can write in to us at info@navayugainfotech.com to initiate the conversation that can surely lead to mutual benefits.

CRM Consulting

CRM ConsultingMany times as a customer, you ask your Vendors if they have any CRM which is Off- the- Shelf. However, industry specific the solution may be, you need to tweak the CRM Application to suit your specificOrganizational needs. The importance of consultingis never diluted, even with the advent of highly sophisticated CRM solutions available off-the-shelf. CRM Consulting has greater impact on any customer facing business Vs other forms of consulting services. Thoroughly ingrained and alignedCRM Strategywith the business vision has resulted in remarkable successes. Thus, it becomes all the more important tobetter align your CRM Strategy to the implementation for your customer relationship management automation systems.

Practical approach to consulting has been necessitated with certain failures due to overdose of theoretical knowledge accompanied with pages and pages of reference manuals. Our consulting approach comes with arefreshing change, we use concise flowcharts withcrisp notesto quickly reference in case theonline referencesmay not be accessible.

We bring in the business consultingbest practices garneredfrom cross industry vertical experiences, and make sure to hear you out well to best gel the business with customer relationship management system implementation, revamp orre-engineering initiatives. We engage in fair equally balanced conversations and workshops to firstly understand your business objectives, followed with the formulation of your CRM implementation roadmap.

We look forward to hear from you at info@navayugainfotech.com to initiate our partnership in your business success.