Defence Solutions

Defence SolutionsArmed Forces the world over, are the pioneers and largest users of IT and GIS solutions. The Armed forces require cutting edge technology implementation that range from large enterprise applications on to small extremely customized applications that are required to be run on a wide range of platforms. These requirements need to be supplemented by reliable, long term maintenance, upgrade and training support for the dynamic and challenging needs.

Navayuga Infotech has done a thorough survey of the "GIS needs in the Defence sector in India" over years and developed a state-of-the-art agile software platform that fulfils the current and futuristic needs of the Indian Army. The scalable software suite is a fine blend of the indigenous and industry-standard tools to provide flexible platform confirming to OGC standards and other International standards.

Defence Solution Formulation
Navayuga Infotech adopted the following method to formulate the Defence technical solution:

Arrow Core Defence Project team developed a full understanding of the Project domain and technology needs with extended interaction with the Defence customers.
Arrow Based on the understanding, a fully customisable and modular set of components that are custom made for military applications were selected, that meet the general technical requirements expected in the solution.
Arrow An appropriate architecture that integrates well with the existing application has been selected and a suitable design formulated.
Arrow Indigenous modules have been  developed that can handle specific Indian military needs such as DGN, SQL dump, etc
Arrow The functional requirements of the Indian Armed forces have been  mapped to the readymade functionalities available and Module API capability assessment for customisation.
Arrow Specific issues that require innovative solutions such as low bandwidth / offline mode of functioning have been analysed and simple, robust and cost effective solutions have been worked out to be presented as options to the user for selection.
Arrow An appropriate Project Management Plan as per PMI Guidelines has been worked out within requirement boundaries.
Arrow A robust Support plan proposal to facilitate long term product support is in place.

The Navayuga Defence solution is unrivaled as an open mapping API. The solution API is based on Java interfaces, allowing users  to replace every component of the software  with their own implementation. It  does not make any assumptions on the type and format of data to be visualized, nor does it depend on a platform specific data server. It is a perfect fit for the establishment of the geo-server function providing Maps, satellite images and various other sources of geo-referenced data to the portal in both 2D and 3D environment.

Navayuga defence solution  is particularly well-suited for building:

Arrow highly interactive applications such as command and control applications;
Arrow high performance real-time display systems, such as an air track display;
Arrow applications that require high precision coordinate transformations and mapping;
Arrow Internet and Intranet based applications.
The Navayuga C4I2SR solutions are customized solutions for C3I, ISR, C2 and other similar functional requirements which are an open, object-oriented API for developers who want to manipulate and visualize geographical data in their applications. Geographical data is complex to process and difficult to visualize efficiently. It reduces this complexity by giving the developer a comprehensive set of classes and interfaces for various geographical data formats, coordinate transformations, map projections, geodesy operations, display and graphical editing of 2D and 3D geodetic shapes, raster manipulation and so on. These are integrated solutions that have GIS and MIS components, customized as per specific application requirements as envisaged by the defence user.

These are integrated solutions that have GIS and MIS components, customized as per specific application requirements as envisaged by the user.
Arrow Compatibility: The Navayuga Defense solution suites are compatible with the legacy data and current industry standard data formats and can easily read the military grids.
Arrow Platform-independent and Java-based: The software products are Java-based, have been used numerous times already in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and are platform-independent.
Arrow OGC compliant: The software products already contain components to install certified OGC compliant servers. Portrayal of maps through SLD styling definitions is supported out of the box, as well as SVG and Web Map Context. Rendering 3D data in the map viewer is possible with ease with great performance.
Arrow Open to all public data formats: All data formats and databases that are generally used by GIS software (mainly in the Defense and Aeronautical segments) of the GIS market are supported by the data decoders for other formats which can be plugged in easily. For any data format for which the specification is public, a decoder can be created and plugged in.
Arrow Easy development: Ready to use toolbox or API, which is naturally fit to create a Geo-portal that provides an API for plugging in data decoders, metadata parsers, etc.
Arrow Fit for data analysis and calculations: Has various analysis functionality and calculations. The geo-server can provide data projection, coordinate system transformations, terrain modeling, etc.
Arrow Broad spectrum of client applications: There is no restriction on the type of client applications supported by the geo-server. Clients can range from standard browsers to stand-alone applications containing a component that can communicate through the OGC protocols.
In summary, Navayuga offers a world class integrated Defence GIS solution within the specified time, cost and scope.