Water goes digital in the city of Hyderabad

Potable water is the most basic need for living beings, and it is gut-wrenching that many do not have access to it. While shortage of water is a major concern, a lax in the supply process must also take the blame for this. The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) is consciously taking steps to bridge this gap.

In the first move of its kind, the HMWSSB tied up with Navayuga for GIS Mapping and Online Monitoring of Water Supply Network of peripheral areas of Hyderabad a few months ago.

Within a few months, as the results started becoming evident, the board decided to entrust Navayuga through an open tender process with geo-tagging of water supply and sewerage assets for core areas as well. This move comes after the dire need to make continuous supply of water available to every household.

As part of the contract, Navayuga will develop a web-based monitoring system and geo-tag over 2,00,000 manholes and 75,000 valves in an area of 14,500 kms through DGPS survey. The solution will help HMWSSB handle sewerage overflows and repair or replacement of manhole covers efficiently. The solution will also assist in preventive maintenance and assets tracking on the GIS platform.

Consistently providing clean and safe water to all citizens of Hyderabad has always been the priority for HMWSSB and Navayuga aims at once again executing its project meticulously, helping the board with its endeavor.