Applications Development

Navayuga can undertake applications development on GIS platforms. Some of the GIS solutions and services we can support include the following:

  • Natural resources management - inventory and management of agriculture crops, land cover and land use, forestry resources, water resources etc. Establishing a natural resources information system, around a GIS core, will be key for many government needs
  • Disaster and emergency response – where applications of GIS for response and rehab/ relief works is the core
  • Land records with a Land Information System (LIS) - where land records computerization with the cadastral maps can provide innovative land management solutions and public enterprise
  • Urban Planning, Management & Governance: Urban management, property and taxation applications as part of an urban GIS where multi scale GIS solutions for planning and administration of urban areas and optimizing tax collection can be enabled
  • Insurance applications to support the needs of insurance agencies for crop and property insurance management
  • Port GIS to support planning and management of Ports - both already operational and new ones being taken up
  • Aviation GIS to support Airports Asset management and air-traffic control requirements
  • Traffic and Road management - mainly as road infrastructure planning and management
  • Transport GIS for optimizing fleet operations and transportation networks
  • Police GIS to support police and security requirements
  • Defense applications and services (Handles in a separate division)
  • Engineering GIS to support construction, architectural and landscaping applications
  • Enterprise GIS to support retailing requirements, business geographic, real - estate requirements
  • Unique solutions for energy sector applications
  • Host of applications front-ending spatial technologies on conventional IT back-ends