GIS Solutions and Services

Our experts have vast experience in developing, launching or implementing a Geographic Information System (GIS) for organizations and solutions that are applications-oriented. Our team can work on any GIS platform and provide final solutions. A strategic approach in meeting user needs can even break-down tasks to just GIS database creation, GIS standards implementation, maintaining and updating GIS archives, implementing total systems design for organizational GIS and even building applications on GIS databases as per user requirements.

Taking a holistic approach of spatial data creation, GIS ingest, GIS database organization and maintenance and GIS applications development can relieve users and organization of the “technology assimilation” curve and enable them to benefit from spatial technology solutions more effectively.

We can establish and maintain GIS portals for organizations with a back-end spatial data repository and middle-layer applications on a front-end web-GIS. We also offers GIS consulting and can even prepare feasibility reports, project assessment reports and conduct market and research surveys in this field.

Our expertise can benefit organizations to implement GIS standards that comply with their own needs and integrated into national (NNRMS Standards, NRIS Standards, NSDE Standards etc.) and international standards (ISO, OGC-GML) and others.